Making the Change to contracting

Making the change

Making the change to contracting

Work is changing, faster than ever before. Now is your chance to stay ahead

The growth of the global economy in digitally connected times is seeing an exponential rise in demand for skilled workers and professionals seeking to move into freelancing either as a new career or making a moving to self-employment from full time employment. In the UK alone there are now 5 million part and full time self employed workers and, within that, 2 million independent professionals serving UK businesses (IPSE 2018). There is strong evidence that business demand for skilled self employed people will continue to increase (Office for National Statistics, 2017) with opportunities to start and develop private business never better for motivated individuals with ideas and imagination. Freelance working and building a portfolio career is fast becoming king with permanent contracts definitely no longer the default hiring option for many businesses who struggle with the increasing cost and regulation of permanent headcount.

 Taking back control of your working life

The reasons for moving into self employment and freelancing are numerous and often complex. Common reasons include wanting to escape the increasing demands of the corporate treadmill with stagnant pay, office politics or simply wanting to take control of what you do, when and how you work as a lifestyle choice. The benefits of being your own boss remain numerous and now outweigh the diminishing benefits of traditional permanent careers.

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